Bedroom wall art

This is one of the most difficult part of the house to decorate,or it just requires quite a lot to pull off .And because it does ,most of us ignore it or push it to when we are able to have the energy or even be in the position to do so .

I personally kept pushing it off because renting among other pains sort of controls how you decorate your area ,mine in this case I have managed to lessen the struggle except in the bedroom ,mainly because the lighting in my bedroom is whack , and not as big ,then there’s the whole fact that I would rather have it my way ,my positioning than what the landlord offers . So you see bedroom decor is such a pain .

Today morning, I didn’t know what to offer on the blog and I try to give something every Sunday,but as luck would have it ,as I cleaned my bedroom, wardrobe specifically, I ran into a number of socks that weren’t with their other and thought to throw them away .

Before I could ,I thought of ways they can be reusable and that’s how I came up with the idea ,well with the help of Pinterest .

This is me announcing to you that I got a simple way to decor your bedroom wall without having to lose your mind on the nit bits.

“Ladies and gentlemen, The department of missing socks 😁

Bedroom wall art.

What you need;

•Missing sock — get as colorful as you want .


•Twine /Thread

This can be put in a couple of places too ,especially for new mothers ,it could be a fun project for you ,add a little touch of fun and adorable with baby socks in the nursery.

Let me know how you lube it and when you try it .

Best ,

Ndinda .


Tassel lampshades

Today is the day we go for gold , tassel details on a couple of items .This was a thing in the past or atleast in my childhood .

Those cool curtains holders ,you can also call them tie backs with tassels were a thing ,mainly because our parents were watching lots of ki-nigeria* movies and also because a certain old lady ,an interior designer then had come back from Kampala and told my parents those were the coolest thing in the game then . So anywho’s it became old fashioned till recently when we had it storm again in lots of stuff including jewelry etc.

Well, I prefer using these tassels to make the house look differently unique ,plus it’s relaxing ,so I decided to use them make a lampshade.

I suspect you want to know what we need ,

•Woven basket

•Thread/ Twine


•Square piece of anything – can be wood like you will see in the pic below

With these we are ready to make our tassel lampshade .

Wrap or roll the thread a number of times,the bigger the number ,the bigger the tassel .

Remove it off the square pallet you are using .

Cut another small enough thread and use it as your hook .

Cut the one side of the thread to make it a tassel .

Cut another small piece and roll on the upper part of the tassel to create a round neck.

And your tassels are done and ready to hook to the lampshade .

Put the tassels on the lampshade .


Did a short video just for a better insight on the making of the lampshades.

Go watch it on my instagram story -@ lyn_bahati is my insta handle same for the online shop @houseofndinda.



Roofing with Ndinda, a memoir.

Conflict echoing in the albyss of her mind , Jessie’s “say you love me ” , all a in small grid of modern day corporates ,laughter, competing with the demons in her head .

How is it so easy to be strong and exhausted ? And as if that’s not ludacris enough end up a failure..

Four years of hardwork, morning positive lies as mantras ,pushing through ,hurting the soul,wounding the flesh to end up a failure .

No one understands what it is ,it’s the same answer “ you can’t do it all”, you have tried …the urge to hold my hair up and let it out because of the heat is burning , yet I still can’t tell them because that’s yet another one of my responsibilities, fear of spelling “failure” right out of my gut to my face .I can’t silence the annoying buzz of those statements.

I want to let go of what many think has been the best decision of my life .

Stripping myself of all dignity, happiness, squeezing the blood out of my beaten body is all I seem to get comfort from …


Yeah , I know . “Who does an introduction after the biggest confession ,literally a 3rd of their life story summed up ?’!

Trust me I feel the awkwardness as well, but I need to give you a little headsup about this ,me ,the memoir.

“Roofing with Ndinda” There’s only two significant words in this title ; Roofing and Ndinda which is basically Andinda save for the “am all up to date to shorten my name stunt “.

Building a house is very costly . In fact if I were to ask most of you what your dream houses were,we would be wowed by the weight of the beauty /class of those houses.Its amazing what we dream.

And if in the same minute I posed a question of how long it would take you to build that house ,85% would say the time to save up enough money for those houses was what was keeping you waiting and that you could get into your early fab 40’s/50’s still trying.

5% would say working to get to my retirement so I can earn the pension and build my dream house . And the 10%?, well the 10% would have to be the humble ones or maybe even uninspired ,let’s just say hubby will worry about that .

Starting to build a house is one ,Roofing it is a whole lot of another.Ever wondered why most unfinished houses never have roofs? It’s not a coincidence babe, its not even just a statistic .Roofing takes patience ,brevity for example the heights;no one enjoys being up there trying to cover up a house at the cost of their own mental health. How about the tiny important details and bits about which angle to join the sheet or brick ?,patience .Talk about constantly failing at fixing the place it leaks ,over and over you go again.! Roofing is costly ,it’s exhausting.

Ndinda -Andinda

(Verb)-She/He waits/ she or he protects.

I wait ,literally all my life I have waited for my turn ,the chance to ,I have given up my opportunity to the other person because I wait,I keep thinking I can wait ,I will wait. I even ask me to wait for me . Honestly just day “Ndinda ” out loud,you will get what am saying .

Hmmm..protects , Normally someone will remind me “I think you are holding on too tight ,it’s beginning to cut and then I will go Oops! I’m bleeding and say just a little longer “. Just before I notice the cut to nurse it , “I have got to run ,Sam needs to report to school,the headmaster might be tough on him”. and am off acting superwoman.

And there goes Andinda ,Ndinda.


Wall gallery life hack!!

Usually , I know what to say, when to say when I’m in a position like this but this is grammatically the 5th opening paragraph I have had to write because “come backs “are nolonger as exciting. (Rolls eyes ,”nolonger exciting?!”) #adulthood.

I guess what am trying to acknowledge here is that I don’t know how to explain my “no headsup” disappearance and I suggest we get ourselves a cookie jar and pass me a cookie😁 while I get right on to this exciting new hack – Modern wall galleries.

It’s been a roller coaster ride even for me trying to finally settle on what to do with the wall at my place, or even getting to fix time to work on it .

The picture booth was getting boring and it’s the one place that has good lighting ,so i went to Pinterest and checked for my options .I was finally going to head my old lazy arse* to town and put in the work. But first here are some of the options I settled for via Pinterest.

Sauce Source:Pinterest under modern gallery.

Tell a story.

Wall decor or galleries are one way to spice up a plain wall .These show personalities of the owners of a home and can be your own way of putting out a story ,you know like therapy or even marking big or significant events in your life .At least it was a mixture of both for me and the flavor is there .

Framing can be a Madonna ,very expensive and since it takes quite a number of art to make a gallery,it might dig deep into your pockets.So the hack here is getting some of the framing done depending on how much you are willing to spend and having some of the work framed on mounting board .This is way cheaper than the framing and will still give good results.

I opted for mounting board for three of my pieces and one wooden frame for the smaller one.This way I could get more pieces done .

Below are pics of some of the framing done in mounting board .

Mounting board used as a frame .

Monochromatic modern wall.

Pick your focus

This should be something that relates to you or something you will enjoy and not want to pull down in a fortnight .

Add the unexpected,an accent.

I decided to go with one of the place mats in my collection, this purple rubber place mat that I bought from Bookpoint where I first worked and for 3 years groomed me.It gives the wall a sense of character ,uniqueness and an extra touch of personal.

Who thought a place mat would look this good on a wall?,right ! plus I love to eat .


Magical, washi tape!!

My July goal projects have me dying with excitement yet with it comes a challenge .So one of them was doing something with washi tape ..This is decorative tape that can be used to DIY so many’s lots !!!! if i made a list I would cover all ages /professions I.e events /decor this you can use to decorate the tables or even colorful straws ,then for style /funky personalities,you could use them on your Pc key board,cords,phone covers etc.

I was literally spoilt for choices because this has been one of the most challenging but also amazing projects but I have a niche so I did interior decor mostly .

Washi tape ideas

Funky pc keyboard source:Pinterest

So here is what you need ;

•Washi tape






Measure the size of your wall and determine the midpoint so you know where to start taping.(This depends on what design you have in mind but it’s important to know the size )

2•If you are leaving space on both sides of your design,mark the wall where the furthest edges of the triangle will be

Use a pencil and ruler to mark

And after marking ,you can start to tape out .

I chose a boho look and triangle design

My trial;my tape ran out before I could finish but get the idea .

Other trials

•Charger cord

Charger cord

•Wall Socket ;It’s such a reliever finally cover my ugly socket. If you hate these sockets like I do ,this is your treat !!

Wall socket

You are abundantly blessed.

Try and let me know how it turns outHave a lovely week .


Succulent plants ,they will never desert you !

Howdy there (drum rolls) …

It’s been a minute and I swear to God It wasn’t my intention .Like I posted this gone Monday I had something so cool for you guys but it broke and I couldn’t fix it so soon .But here we are !

Firstly I wanna thank all you guys that keep this blog flourishing..You are amazing!!..

Today am going to talk about succulent plants ..yeah these are most especially going to be Cactus .

Photo taken by Lyn Andinda

Cacti has been my imaginary bestie and a hug buddy and was excited to get a real one yesterday when my boss gifted me one .(still psyched ,we going to have so much to talk about )-plant whisperer.

She won’t !!Who needs besties when you can have cactus??

So you know what I did when I got Lilly,yep she has a name 😁.

I turned the internet up and down looking for ways on how to keep her healthy and beautiful.I have had experience with some plants before so I thought I knew what to do till “kaboom”💣 I knew nothing about how she behaved ..The good news is I covered my tracks and there won’t be any surprises which is why am here to share with you .

🌵 Cactus

If you are newbie with cactus ,you might want to know how to pot it and here are the hacks ;

•Have all you need to re-pot it ;pot,stones/pebbles/sand .

Photo taken by Lyn Andinda

•Remove the plant from its poly bag (you know the ones in which you bought it It’s going to look packed with soil .

•Shake or break the soil off just enough to avoid touching or damaging the roots .

•Place a few stones on the bottom of the pot .These help in the drainage.

•Add a mixture of sand and the soil ,put the plant on the mixture and add more so that it’s compact again .

•Wait to water ,give it a week or so to get used to the new soil.

Pebbles, cactus and some sand .

The ups of cactus are ;

You don’t have to water it all the time ,once in 3 weeks is good since it’s more of a desert plant .

It will give you free hugs (kidding )I think so though ..It’s therapeutic

Note: You will need to repot it after every 2 years to give it fresh soil.

Now that we have given a thorough introduction on how to pot cactus ,let’s talk about care .

Watering .This is very important because as much as it doesn’t need daily watering ,you should water it within 3-5 weeks .

Note that under watering or even over watering can kill the plant.

Sunlight .Cactus need the sun to thrive so make sure that there’s enough ,just enough sunlight for it .

Also depending on the cactus you have ,you will need to regulate how long the cactus gets exposed.

Photo taken by Lyn Andinda



So i asked around and for those in Ug,you can get these at afford prices from any plant vendors by the roadside ie

Nsambya ,Entebbe Road ,Lugogo.

Let me know how many get these soon and also I’m thinking to design Lily’s pot .This could be another fun project to do !!!

Happy Sunday lovelies


A letter ,thine…

Courage child,

You are too much ,insufficient ,enough even but that’s a threat .

You got a mark on your back

You have failed,thrived,and failed again .

Too much to contain?,maybe

But still you are here

smiling ,crying ,laughing

Oh child !, woman incomprehensible.