Wall gallery life hack!!

Usually , I know what to say, when to say when I’m in a position like this but this is grammatically the 5th opening paragraph I have had to write because “come backs “are nolonger as exciting. (Rolls eyes ,”nolonger exciting?!”) #adulthood.

I guess what am trying to acknowledge here is that I don’t know how to explain my “no headsup” disappearance and I suggest we get ourselves a cookie jar and pass me a cookie😁 while I get right on to this exciting new hack – Modern wall galleries.

It’s been a roller coaster ride even for me trying to finally settle on what to do with the wall at my place, or even getting to fix time to work on it .

The picture booth was getting boring and it’s the one place that has good lighting ,so i went to Pinterest and checked for my options .I was finally going to head my old lazy arse* to town and put in the work. But first here are some of the options I settled for via Pinterest.

Sauce Source:Pinterest under modern gallery.

Tell a story.

Wall decor or galleries are one way to spice up a plain wall .These show personalities of the owners of a home and can be your own way of putting out a story ,you know like therapy or even marking big or significant events in your life .At least it was a mixture of both for me and the flavor is there .

Framing can be a Madonna ,very expensive and since it takes quite a number of art to make a gallery,it might dig deep into your pockets.So the hack here is getting some of the framing done depending on how much you are willing to spend and having some of the work framed on mounting board .This is way cheaper than the framing and will still give good results.

I opted for mounting board for three of my pieces and one wooden frame for the smaller one.This way I could get more pieces done .

Below are pics of some of the framing done in mounting board .

Mounting board used as a frame .

Monochromatic modern wall.

Pick your focus

This should be something that relates to you or something you will enjoy and not want to pull down in a fortnight .

Add the unexpected,an accent.

I decided to go with one of the place mats in my collection, this purple rubber place mat that I bought from Bookpoint where I first worked and for 3 years groomed me.It gives the wall a sense of character ,uniqueness and an extra touch of personal.

Who thought a place mat would look this good on a wall?,right ! plus I love to eat .



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