Tassel lampshades

Today is the day we go for gold , tassel details on a couple of items .This was a thing in the past or atleast in my childhood .

Those cool curtains holders ,you can also call them tie backs with tassels were a thing ,mainly because our parents were watching lots of ki-nigeria* movies and also because a certain old lady ,an interior designer then had come back from Kampala and told my parents those were the coolest thing in the game then . So anywho’s it became old fashioned till recently when we had it storm again in lots of stuff including jewelry etc.

Well, I prefer using these tassels to make the house look differently unique ,plus it’s relaxing ,so I decided to use them make a lampshade.

I suspect you want to know what we need ,

•Woven basket

•Thread/ Twine


•Square piece of anything – can be wood like you will see in the pic below

With these we are ready to make our tassel lampshade .

Wrap or roll the thread a number of times,the bigger the number ,the bigger the tassel .

Remove it off the square pallet you are using .

Cut another small enough thread and use it as your hook .

Cut the one side of the thread to make it a tassel .

Cut another small piece and roll on the upper part of the tassel to create a round neck.

And your tassels are done and ready to hook to the lampshade .

Put the tassels on the lampshade .


Did a short video just for a better insight on the making of the lampshades.

Go watch it on my instagram story -@ lyn_bahati is my insta handle same for the online shop @houseofndinda.




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