Bedroom wall art

This is one of the most difficult parts of the house to decorate,or it just requires quite a lot to pull off and because it does ,most of us ignore it or push it to when we are able to have the energy or even be in the position to do so .

I personally kept pushing it off because renting among other pains sort of controls how you decorate your area ,mine in this case as much as I have managed to lessen the struggle ,it’s still a hustle in the bedroom ,mainly because the lighting in my bedroom is whack , and not as big ,then there’s the whole fact that I would rather have it my way ,my positioning than what the landlord offers . So you see bedroom decor is such a pain .

Today morning, I didn’t know what to offer on the blog and I try to give something every Sunday,but as luck would have it ,as I cleaned my bedroom, wardrobe specifically, I ran into a number of socks that weren’t with their other and thought to throw them away .

Before I could ,I thought of ways they can be reusable and that’s how I came up with the idea ,well with the help of Pinterest .

This is me announcing to you that I got a simple way to decor your bedroom wall without having to lose your mind on the nit bits.

“Ladies and gentlemen, The department of missing socks 😁

Bedroom wall art.

What you need;

•Missing sock — get as colorful as you want .


•Twine /Thread

This can be put in a couple of places too ,especially for new mothers ,it could be a fun project for you ,add a little touch of fun and adorable with baby socks in the nursery.

Let me know how you lube it and when you try it .

Best ,

Ndinda .


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