The Big ,single house move on a budget!!

Tables have turned!! Single rooms have a say in the “ looking all gorge “ topic . This is what they had to say 😅.

Moving houses is literally the most frustrating thing ever and save for the big costs and transportation ,with me it leaves me empty and broken to pieces so I loathe it so damn much like some of you I’m sure .

And to be fair ,it’s not the best gifts out of Santa’s 🎅 bag and this time when I found it under my birthday tree ,it came with a note “Single and on a budget .” Santa came early for me ….wink ,wink .

Months ago when I envisioned my next house move, what I would do and blah !blah!you know the rest , I wasn’t looking forward to what it it involved but plot twist !! checking colour pallets and couch designs on Pinterest became the mainest man in my life .

I was going to make the place feel like me ,it was going to be a single this time and most interestingly I was going to do it on a budget …Yaasss people!! “single room,interesting and on a budget in the same zip code !!

Wanna know how ? keep reading 😉

This is how I did it ;

Pallet Bed

Lets us be honest , the biggest number of carpenters have the same old boring but expensive designs for beds (no offense to carpenters whilst I insult myself ) which btw is not going to happen ,atleast not when it’s just a day after my birthday -;

My low dimensional pallet bed

So I took measurements of my mattress (very important ) then went on a hunt for pallets .

I prefer low beds to higher ones so this was my chance to get it to dimension.

Usually pallets are bigger even as big as 7ft which means you need to cut them to size .

I have a 5x6ft so definitely that was cue to hold a saw and sand paper .

What you need

Tape measure

Hand saw

Sanding paper

Pallets (4)


The sanding paper to smoothen the edges where you cut and the screws to joint the pallets together .

The couch :

The space in single rooms is usually limited so smaller couch is the go to option.

Still take measurements for this or you will end up with a giant mess .

I went with an L shape because it’s less bulky plus accommodates 4 people more than a regular 2 seater can fit.

Pallet Bookshelf/storage shelf

Sooo …am a bookie and writing junkie, This entirely means I have more papers,scrap books ,journals and books than anything else and since I was working on a budget and wanted my place to look retro ,pallets were still my best option. I needed more storage and less bulk in this tiny winy place .

(Image of both angles)

This was ultimate because it’s a 2 in one .It can be a coffee table and double up as a storage shelf.


Pallet – 2


Finally to put this place into one knit,I created a small space of my own separate from my bedroom and living room, a creative area where all the energy channeled .

Home office /Desks are supposed to as much differ from work offices .Take away the tension but still be a place you have your mind together:

Remember the key goal here is to keep on a budget and not dig nails in the ground .

So in the space am left with ,just a handful can take anything else especially a home desk .But here is the trick ,

Get a floating sizeable piece of wood /table top .

Mine is 90cmx52cm and all you need is ;

L steel brackets


Bar stool/chair depending on the size of your house .

A stool for me was less space consuming so I went to paper ,sketched added a touch to the stool (they don’t have to be boring )gave it dimensions and that was a bake .

And lastly ,all I had to do was to put up the stuff where it belonged. That’s what single houses had to say and for me ,this was a game changer .

Note :

•Put things that are of sentiment to you and not what you think will look good in the place and it will totally feel like home

•You need to measure the house before planning for it ,visualize the space so you can plan accordingly.

Let me know if you try this and how it goes for you .

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4 thoughts on “The Big ,single house move on a budget!!

  1. JULIAN Owasimire says:

    Wowwwwwww….incredibly beautiful!!!! I love the simple and yet amazing’s such a dood way of decluttering ..more space is created and yeah house is more organized.. so inspired by this..I love it gal!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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