Back with yet another Diy quick fix!!!

It’s Sunday and am back here for yet another quick Diy fix for you plain/not so cool walls. Feels musty in here, Jeez !! Have I been gone this long ?

Okay,okay (raises hand in surrender)You win..,So how about I tell you my story.

“Not so cool wall” is what’s been going through my head every time I looked in the corner of my bed !! Yep…corner 🙂,It’s room so bedroom is quite overstated 😁.

So the other day I decided I was going to finally do something about it .Omg!! White walls are so plain I feel like they have been made to run me crazy (shakes her head ).Am I the only one ? (Insert a Kevin Hart expression ).

Floating shelves

So basics first ; What do we need ?

•Mdf board/ Wood cut offs

•Twine ; This can also be the type that’s normally used as piping in cushions or upholstery .



Board & twine

How’s do we achieve the look/shelf?

Cut the board to dimensions, this is totally according to how big you want the shelf to be .

Sand to smoother the edges

Paint or maintain natural color (I maintained mine )

Drill a hole 2cm from the edge in all the 4 corners .

Put the string /twine or even rope through the holes to make a triangle and tie one knot in the center to keep the strings together .

Lastly , hook to wherever you have marked the shelves to be.

Add a plant ,anything crafty depending on your imagination..

Since am going all natural and it’s my bed corner , I went with the plant and the candles + candle holder .

Phew!! Now it’s less musty here 😃!!

Let me know how this goes ..feel free to take a pic and tag me on Instagram ~@lyn_bahati or @houseofndinda.

And guys , It feels good seeing you again😊 <wink wink >.



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