4 ways to keep your roses longer .!!

“…If music be the food of love ,then play on “ said a love sick Duke Orsino .

So we are 7 days away from closing “ cuffing season and look , am not the hard type ,one that minds cuddles and not their business so it will be in fair honesty that I let Duke Orsino (Twelfth Night ~a play) voice my thoughts this February.

This year is a lucky one for me , my body’s is grateful for the extra fat ,my mind a bit more in the decluttering lane than the straining one & my heart ,let’s say my heart is still a tiny thing pumping blood through my body .(see what I did there😝😜).

But from Instagram posts to Whatsapp statuses, quite a number of us have been lucky in the receiving section..

I know most us are probably wondering/wandering about what my blubbering has got to do with today so I will simply summarize it to one word ,and only one important word “FLOWERS🌺 “ .

Make that two please , “ROSE FLOWERS

“. And in this case ,dried rose flowers.

Regardless of class,status,age most of us have received a ton of flowers this month and well since it’s officially still the “boo-boo “month I have an idea of how we can .

• Keep these beautiful visuals of messages longer and with us .(Who doesn’t want to cheese over the man /woman /child that got them flowers? I sure as hell know i want to ☺️).

• Give back to our well wishers/sponsors/boo’s by showing them how valued they are in the simplest yet meaningful ways.

• Keep us busy minding our own business.

• Make worth our money .

So these are three ways ;

Make beautiful Rose bookmarks using our wilted flowers .



What you need?

• Dry Roses

• Laminating papers

• Glue

•Twine or Ribbon

How to

• Place your dried roses on one sheet of laminating paper

• Then cover with the second one and glue it together

Lastly ,punch a hole in the top center and you can use a ribbon or twine string

Make Rose water

Photography by Lyn Andinda

Uses of Rose water

• It can be used as a toner

• Adds fragrance to homemade cosmetics .

• Add to bath for a soothing aroma

• Use in facial scrubs or masks

• Spray over bed sheets for a lovely scent.

This one can be made in various ways depending on what is available for you to use but I will do the simple one which even you can do without running around the supermarkets. What you need

• Jars with open mouth and their covers

• Dried Roses

• Distilled water /Filtered water .

• Sieve


• In one jar ,put the dried flowers

• Pour hot but not boiling distilled or filtered water on the roses and cover .

• Let it sit to cool for 15-20 mins depending on the temperature of the room.

• Sieve the water into another jar and put in a refrigerator.

Ps: This won’t last as long as one made with witch hazel .

Artifact/Decor in a shadow box

What you need

• Tiny jar ;You can get creative while choosing a jar as it will be decor used around the house .

How ?

• Put dried roses in a jar and depending on where this will be used,add a ribbon if it’s for hanging .

• I left mine to sit on the working table .

Shadow box

Finally , putting the dried roses into a muslin bag and put them in your dresser to give a fresh scent to your wardrobe /dresser.

Dried roses in a muslin bag

So we can actually savor memories from our special rose days whilst getting more out of them .

Well for me , this is how much I enjoyed my roses ☺️

To my beloved .

Let me know how you like these .



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