Magical, washi tape!!

My July goal projects have me dying with excitement yet with it comes a challenge .So one of them was doing something with washi tape ..This is decorative tape that can be used to DIY so many’s lots !!!! if i made a list I would cover all ages /professions I.e events /decor this you can use to decorate the tables or even colorful straws ,then for style /funky personalities,you could use them on your Pc key board,cords,phone covers etc.

I was literally spoilt for choices because this has been one of the most challenging but also amazing projects but I have a niche so I did interior decor mostly .

Washi tape ideas

Funky pc keyboard source:Pinterest

So here is what you need ;

•Washi tape






Measure the size of your wall and determine the midpoint so you know where to start taping.(This depends on what design you have in mind but it’s important to know the size )

2•If you are leaving space on both sides of your design,mark the wall where the furthest edges of the triangle will be

Use a pencil and ruler to mark

And after marking ,you can start to tape out .

I chose a boho look and triangle design

My trial;my tape ran out before I could finish but get the idea .

Other trials

•Charger cord

Charger cord

•Wall Socket ;It’s such a reliever finally cover my ugly socket. If you hate these sockets like I do ,this is your treat !!

Wall socket

You are abundantly blessed.

Try and let me know how it turns outHave a lovely week .



Succulent plants ,they will never desert you !

Howdy there (drum rolls) …

It’s been a minute and I swear to God It wasn’t my intention .Like I posted this gone Monday I had something so cool for you guys but it broke and I couldn’t fix it so soon .But here we are !

Firstly I wanna thank all you guys that keep this blog flourishing..You are amazing!!..

Today am going to talk about succulent plants ..yeah these are most especially going to be Cactus .

Photo taken by Lyn Andinda

Cacti has been my imaginary bestie and a hug buddy and was excited to get a real one yesterday when my boss gifted me one .(still psyched ,we going to have so much to talk about )-plant whisperer.

She won’t !!Who needs besties when you can have cactus??

So you know what I did when I got Lilly,yep she has a name 😁.

I turned the internet up and down looking for ways on how to keep her healthy and beautiful.I have had experience with some plants before so I thought I knew what to do till “kaboom”💣 I knew nothing about how she behaved ..The good news is I covered my tracks and there won’t be any surprises which is why am here to share with you .

🌵 Cactus

If you are newbie with cactus ,you might want to know how to pot it and here are the hacks ;

•Have all you need to re-pot it ;pot,stones/pebbles/sand .

Photo taken by Lyn Andinda

•Remove the plant from its poly bag (you know the ones in which you bought it It’s going to look packed with soil .

•Shake or break the soil off just enough to avoid touching or damaging the roots .

•Place a few stones on the bottom of the pot .These help in the drainage.

•Add a mixture of sand and the soil ,put the plant on the mixture and add more so that it’s compact again .

•Wait to water ,give it a week or so to get used to the new soil.

Pebbles, cactus and some sand .

The ups of cactus are ;

You don’t have to water it all the time ,once in 3 weeks is good since it’s more of a desert plant .

It will give you free hugs (kidding )I think so though ..It’s therapeutic

Note: You will need to repot it after every 2 years to give it fresh soil.

Now that we have given a thorough introduction on how to pot cactus ,let’s talk about care .

Watering .This is very important because as much as it doesn’t need daily watering ,you should water it within 3-5 weeks .

Note that under watering or even over watering can kill the plant.

Sunlight .Cactus need the sun to thrive so make sure that there’s enough ,just enough sunlight for it .

Also depending on the cactus you have ,you will need to regulate how long the cactus gets exposed.

Photo taken by Lyn Andinda



So i asked around and for those in Ug,you can get these at afford prices from any plant vendors by the roadside ie

Nsambya ,Entebbe Road ,Lugogo.

Let me know how many get these soon and also I’m thinking to design Lily’s pot .This could be another fun project to do !!!

Happy Sunday lovelies


A letter ,thine…

Courage child,

You are too much ,insufficient ,enough even but that’s a threat .

You got a mark on your back

You have failed,thrived,and failed again .

Too much to contain?,maybe

But still you are here

smiling ,crying ,laughing

Oh child !, woman incomprehensible.


Boho wall art decor

My DIY manenos ,here we are again !! Its never a dull moment with you guys. Soooooo….. I did some digging and I got us some boho inspired ,simple DIY wall decor *does a victory dance 💃🏽 *

For those of us who are not well acquitted with the term “boho” or “bohemian “ it’s more of a person who leads an alternative a lifestyle and are free spirited ,and as if that’s not cute enough their wide sense in music,fashion and art ,amazing!!

Anyhow, these are some of the Pinterest ideas I got about the wall decor .Don’t panic, no need to because this,here we do simple but drop dead gorgeous DIY projects .Plus your DIY mama got your back !

Okay so back to the basics ,

Here is what you need if you are doing the threaded one :

•Thread- yarn and you can as out there as you can with colors.I used black because it was easier to find .

•stick – preferably small :medium size

•a pair of scissors

•glue -Super glue .

What you need

Be as comfortable as you can while doing this . It shouldn’t be something as tiring as work deadlines.

It’s all about relaxing, Yep relaxing .

Work in progress

I went all out in my grandma sweater and pajamas my idea of relaxing is quite overrated *laughs out loud *….

And “talaaaaaa”…… it’s finally up !!!!

You can also try these .



These can be made in both thread ,twine or even fabrics.

Fabric boho wall decor — Source: Pinterest

Fabric boho style

Photo taken by Lyn Andinda

So now that ,our DIY project dose of the day is done ,can we all go get turnt .!!!!

Ps: For those of us with busy work schedules place your order for one of these and Mama won’t let you down .



Nooks,crannies & window seats.

Everyone knows how difficult the dance of buying furniture is, it’s lit-erally the most stressing and expensive thing to do and we all as well know that your home should speak volumes or atleast first impression lasts longer .Especially in this slay and age era!!

Nooks and crannies ,the sponsor to *read and dream*

These can include window seats,built in chairs and floor cushions but let’s talk about window seats for today.

If you live to dream and cozy up,this can also be that escape you been planning for a long time .The economy or even work schedule can be quite rigid (they don’t want you prospering ) so sometimes we need to make do with what we have .

These nooks are not only cozy and cool but have a great deal of functionality.

Want to make your space neater? Add storage to that built in bench or nook by your window or corner even .



For the longest time ,I saved and pep talked myself about how one day I would afford that fancy chair, coffee table and rug etc like all middle aged youth do when they finally move in on their own .(still do ,rolls eyes) but eventually my wits led me to this -Simple ,quite affordable yet elegant pieces ,”a fake it till you do it .!”

I could make a simple ,one man ottoman a 2 /3 seater ottoman . Let us not forget my space was in sync, a small window in a corner , “what else could I do with it ?!” .It was the perfect space and by the time I finished visualizing it ,I had done a hunt for a carpenter and gave him my idea including of course my dimensions . (These are important .)

And today ,there’s no other space in my living room that I enjoy most . My once empty house took a great deal a spin .A book by the window ,in summer! I mean 🤷🏽‍♀️ ,when kasana is on and going and there’s no savage rains ..!!

I must say it’s quite romantic and cozy too during the rainy season .

Anyhow people ,nooks every weather !!!

Photo credit: Lyn Andinda

The nooks can also be your home office on that lazy Monday ,nooks are all weather !!

A book by the window

Photography by LynAndinda ,Inspiration @Pinterest

Carpenter: Joseph.


Wine bars,racks and bottles.

Hey lovelies ,

It’s been a minute and I want to apologize for the MIA stunt but we all need to recuperate once in a while so take time off when you need it .

It’s a day to labour’s day and it’s perfect timing for yet another DIY . Get your tools ready and let’s nail our way into a simple wine bar …Yasss !!.Source :Pinterest

Most of us are wine lovers ,The gents know how well wine does them a magic tale when it comes to talking to that boss chic they have been eye-ing (gives a knowing look ) ….so they will know the importance of a good bottle of wine .

The boss chics however know this too! A good drama series with a glass of wine and caramel popcorn (rolls eyes) It’s a thing!! Even Olivia pope agrees it’s a good way to wind down an evening. Ladies, do you copy?

The importance of a wine bottle is out of question .Now how can we store this bottle of wine without looking like we threw it down the barrel ?

We have come to a conclusion that aside from my bookthirsty demons ,I fight with the creative ones uhmmmm….that’s right so I got down to making one for my house .DIY and photography by Lyn Andinda

What do we need ?

*Two or three standard sized pallet strips

*concrete nails


*Bottle of Sauvignon blanc (yes!! go all in on this one )

And a number of wine glasses .

I went with 3 ,more than three can be a crowd and you definitely want to keep this as personal as you can .But again go all out .

More than 3 can be a crowd ,keep it personal

What to do ?

Take measurements of glass bottoms so that they can fit easily once you have made your wine bar .

Cut the pallets according to your dimensions and sand the wood till smooth

You can choose to apply a hand of paint to change the color or again apply one hand of vinegar to keep the natural of the wood.(I used tea leave water in this case )

Use nails to keep the pallets together and save some to drill through the wall.

DIY and photography by Lyn Andinda

And we can then sit down and look straight at our soul mates with our heads held high .

Make it count ,you only get one chance at this soul mate kind of thing !

Fun fact: The mason jar contains a message ,name and a joke shared with the person I get to have a glass of wine with .

Think of ways to make it special and fun ,feel free to share what .

Try this out and let me know how it goes.


Candles and their keepers..

Photography by Lyn Andinda

There’s no better decor than Do It Yourself. So ……I have taken it upon myself to be your DIY mama!!

If you discover that you place ,apartment is often cluttered,disorganized or even boring plain,it’s time to take some big or even critical decisions.

Our homes should be our safe heaven .So dearies’ take the time off ,read my a DIY blog and make yourself some beautiful space .

This week’s DIY is on candles . Candles are “Nutella whipped with some butter and spread on bread kinda things”…Uhmmm -mmmh yummy!! If you know you know !

Candles are a color of purity and new beginnings and it’s one of those things one should have in their houses .

Yeah enough with the whole “candle a must have “lecture .

So since they are different sizes ,holders too can come in all sizes ,colour and style and decorating your apartment can be overwhelming but let us keep it simple .


The karitutsi wooden round candle holders come handy if you are going for simple and have small candles .Source:Pinterest

It’s very frustrating because decorating with small candles doesn’t yield as beautifully as the big ones and that’s why I thought you would love this idea for the small candle holders .

All you need for this DIY is

*round wood


* twine

Cut using a sow the dimensions (size )of the candle holder .

Measure the bottom of your Candles to make sure they fit perfectly

Use a file or an annular bit /hole saw this create the hole in which the candle will sit.

Sand the one of the bottom sides of the cut wood to ensure flatness and steady wood seat.

Tie the three wood candle holders together to create a beautiful set with the twine

Tie them in a set of three with a twine ….


You can decide to have them as singles .

And it’s a wrap ,you can now call that guy (winks)and let him know dinner will be at your place by the balcony or rooftop !!.

photography by Lyn Andinda

And our floating Shelves could do with an addition to the family !

Another addition to the family . If you ask me , it fits about right !!

Try it and let me know how it turns up

Tip: It is possible to be quite creative with the fundamental idea. Modern interior designs can be eccentric,elegant but add a touch of rustic and it will be breath taking .